Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Snow Day

The other day we woke up to snow for the first time this year. My youngest asked to go outside to play right after breakfast. It was cold and windy but she didn't mind at all.

I ended up watching her for the first part of the hour we spent outside. The joy and curiosity she displayed was infectious. Oh, to see the snow through her toddler eyes! To feel the wet flakes falling and grab them on your tongue. To see a trail of snowy footprints and squeal with delight. To make a snowball and toss it in the air. When life gets busy these are the moments that ground me.


  1. If only we could see the world like toddlers do. Snow makes the grownups grumble, it makes kids so happy.

  2. Ahhh...look at the joy on that sweet face! So cute. :) I can't believe you already have snow!

  3. The first snow is always so magical!