Friday, September 10, 2010


Sometimes it seems like life is passing by very quickly. My son can sit and read chapter books on the couch. My daughter can put her knapsack on her back and walk into class without a tear in her eye. My youngest can sit and paint for a half an hour while I do the dishes. Where did all the time go? Where did summer go?

I loved summer. I loved being home all day with my children. I loved doing different projects each day as a family. I loved taking my camera and capturing the simple, amazing moments from our adventures.

Usually on Fridays I post a photo reflecting on a moment from our week. This week I thought I would reflect on our summer as a whole. It was an amazing, magical summer. One that will always bring a smile to my face.

But, our simple summer has come to an end. My older two children attend school during the day and my little one and I are trying to find our own school year rhythm. It’s a bit more challenging that I thought it would be to coordinate school activities. There is always something we “have” to do and those squares on the calendar keep filling up along with our time. The first few weeks have been filled with an abundance of learning for all of us.

This journey towards simpler living is not always so simple. Sometimes it’s easy to slip back into old habits. Easy to take a shortcut. I’ve always thought of this journey as baby steps. One foot in front of the other continuing to find our way. It will just take a little...time.

Our summer...


  1. What a beautiful summer, one that you will always remember.

  2. beeeeeautiful! what a view! what a life!

  3. How lucky your children are to have you as their mum. Beautiful photos of a beautiful summer.

  4. Such beautiful photos! It looks like a memorable, sweet summer you had.

  5. I keep asking myself where summer went!?! It goes by fast with little ones!!

  6. These are great picturse of the everyday life! I just love reading the desires of your heart to have that...