Monday, September 6, 2010

Camping on the Farm

This weekend we travelled out of town for a family reunion. It took place on a wonderful farm full of beautiful treasures. Everywhere I looked was another photo opportunity. As you can see, I took quite a few photos but most of the time was spent visiting, playing and eating.

My children have not spent a lot of time on a farm so it was great to see them with the chickens, donkeys, goats and horses. They built a bike ramp out of wood and dirt, ran in the fields and played late into the night with their flashlights and cousins. The whole weekend was good old fashioned fun.

Our family reunion always reminds me of how quickly time passes. My cousins and I used to be the ones running in the fields and now we sit by the fire and reminisce. I see my grandmother walking a bit slower and taking more time to rest in her chair. My children who used to sit on my lap as toddlers are exploring on their own. My baby is now riding a tricycle trying to keep up with the big kids.

It's a great reminder to love, laugh and breathe.


  1. just read about your journey to simpler living over at Rhythm of the was a wonderful read!

  2. Gorgeous! I was just out at my grandparents' as well, and it is a strange - but good - feeling to see my children doing the same things that I used to do!

  3. Looks peaceful. Love your blog!