Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Summer is usually my season. I love warm weather, barbecuing on the deck, afternoons at the beach and summer nights reading outside. This year Autumn is quickly becoming a contender for my favourite season.

I was away this weekend with a group of dear girlfriends. It's a yearly tradition and always a welcomed event. We go to a sunny location and have many moments of pure, unbridled laughter. Laughter that is so spontaneous it catches you by surprise and before you know it tears are running down your cheeks. The kind of laughter that can only be experienced with the greatest of friends.

This year when I was driving home from the airport I noticed that a brilliant change in the seasons had taken place. Although the temperatures were unseasonably warm the leaves on the trees had started preparing for winter. The landscape was carpeted with thousands of fallen leaves and the hills were coloured with brilliant reds, oranges and yellows. I felt like I was looking at a painting. At home I was met with many hugs, kisses and stories of adventures I had missed while I was away. It was nice to have a little time for myself but even nicer to arrive home and feel all that love.

Autumn has brought so much with it's arrival. It's brought a schedule and rhythm to our days. It's brought boots, scarves, hats and coats. It's brought time in front of the fire reading Little House on the Prairie. It's brought piano and swimming lessons. It's brought slow cooked meals and early bedtimes. Autumn is quickly becoming my favourite season.


  1. The cotoneaster colours are amazing this year, aren't they? I have been holding out hope that we won't have any more wind storms until the weekend. I want to get some family pictures taken with the beautiful colours. Hang on, leaves! Don't fall yet!

  2. Your weekend away with friends sounds wonderful. I loved seeing these beautiful autumn photos.

  3. Thank you for your comment! What a lovely blog. We live in lower Michigan and we don't yet have leaves on the ground - soon though! I love fall!

  4. Such lovely autumn colors & I love the pumpkin basket.

  5. Such colors already - lucky you.