Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Wind Chimes

Today we went to the park and made wind chimes. We started with a nature walk to collect supplies like rocks, leaves and sticks. Then we spread it all out on the picnic blanket and started creating. I had brought silver bells from home and the children tied one at the end of each string. It was a very simple project which made it a perfect picnic activity. We even had a few other children walk over and ask to join us. Of course we said yes and by the end of the afternoon we had a wonderful selection of wind chimes to admire. There was also time to picnic, play on the merry-go-round and sit on the silly duck.

When we got home I hung the wind chimes from our flower basket on the front porch. Then I went inside and found my children wearing necklaces made out of the leftover bells. They have such busy little hands.


  1. Oh, I want to try that! Great idea!

  2. Lovely project, and I love the way other kids came over an joined in.