Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I can’t believe it is already August. The carefree days of July are over and now the time to plan for the school year is slowly approaching. I've been thinking about all the things I loved about this summer and how grateful I am for the time I spent with my husband and children. I started this blog to document our simple summer but instead it ended up inspiring a lot of our summer projects. It inspired me to be more creative and find new activities to experience with my family. It inspired me to take my camera and photograph our days together. When I write a post at the end of a busy day it gives me time to cherish a moment from our day. There are times when I am not as patient as I should be. When I would like to sit down with a cup of coffee and enjoy five minutes of silence. Days when the kids just won’t get along. I think of this blog as a place beyond all that. A place where I go to reflect on a craft we created, a game we played or a book we read. My mind is at ease when I go to bed because the last thing I thought or wrote about is a moment filled with joy. Here are some things I am grateful for today.

Warm summer weather and beautiful flowers.

Big brothers and old fashioned swings.

Patience waiting for ice cream.

Independence on the ferris wheel.

Creativity hanging on a wall.

Busy hands creating.

Projects to finish.

Baby hands to clean.


  1. i love the perspective you capture in your photos. It is all very original. I'm glad you had a good summer.

  2. The summer is flying by, isn't it? Those pictures are lovely - the flowers are gorgeous!

  3. that is such a beautiful post. xx

  4. I love this post in full colors and creativity!

  5. Love this post! Lovely pictures:)