Monday, August 30, 2010

The End of Summer

When I woke up this morning I could feel a distinct fall chill in the air. Summer is short in my part of the world. By late August the temperatures drop and you can hear the rumble of the furnace warming the house throughout night. I am starting to get used to the cold winter weather and the lack of ocean air. I grew up on the West Coast and the sound and smell of the ocean has always felt like home. I used to turn to the water for comfort or relaxation. This summer has shown me that I can also turn to the mountains for that same thing. My family has enjoyed journeying to the mountains for many of our summer getaways.

On the weekend we went up to one of our favourite places in the mountains. The temperature was nice and warm and we canoed down a beautiful river.

It was just me, my husband and my little one since our other two were still visiting their grandparents. We paddled along while the movement of the river lulled my baby to sleep.

After our canoe trip we went down to a beautiful lake for a picnic. We threw rocks at the waves.

We made Inukshuks out of stones.

We watched mountain sheep walk down the road.

It was a lovely weekend to say a little good bye to the warm summer days. Soon these mountains and little town will be covered in snow. The temperatures will drop and the lazy days of summer will disappear.

Another sign that summer is at an end is that my children will be heading back to school this week. With that comes more structure to our days and more time for me and my toddler at home. I plan to make a studio in our front room for my projects. A place to put my sewing machine and easel. Last year was very busy for us during the school year and I am trying to manage our time more wisely this year. This summer has shown me that time at home as a family is very important and we need to limit our play dates and extracurricular activities. Although my children will attend school during the day I look forward to continuing our crafting, reading and baking when they arrive home.

Right now I am looking forward to bundling up in boots and scarves, cooking soup and making hot chocolate. I know by next March I will be tired of the cold but for now I look forward to those extra cold days that require my family to stay inside and snuggle by the fire.


  1. What a beautiful post, and a beautiful part of the world you are in. Stunning.

  2. This time of year, even when the sun is shining, the air is so chilly! Your mountain trip looks like a lovely day. I personally agree that time with the family is more important than extra curricular activities and play dates.

  3. You take such beautiful photographs! I love the sleeping baby in the canoe. :) You and I have similar goals I think, for this upcoming school year- although this will be be my first year with no little ones at home.
    It's hard for me to say goodbye to summer, but it's time.

  4. Hi! I am here from Rhythm of the Home. I just wanted to say your article on simplifying was absolutely lovely!

  5. I too say your article on simplifying and can so relate. I stepped away from a full time job a year ago in order to do the same. Slowing down is so worth it. Take good care.