Thursday, July 15, 2010

Cloth and Knots

Slowing down our summer and keeping it simple has been beneficial for our whole family. I am grateful that I chose to spend the summer at home with my children instead of running everyone around to multiple events and summer camps. We’ve had lots of time just hanging out together and all this free time leads to very unusual requests, especially from my 6 year old son.

He’s had a few throughout the summer. "Can we build a treehouse?" is common. “Can we build a rocket? Can you make me a parachute?” have also made the list. Today the request was to build a hammock. I almost said, “let’s wait for Daddy” when I thought, maybe I can actually accomplish this task. I figured I could tie a bed sheet to the swing set and call it a day.

Once I got out to the backyard the thought of my son crashing to the ground in our homemade hammock ran through my mind. We went back inside and googled “bedsheet hammock” and the first page listed was our answer.

This site had the most amazing hammock making system and it was easy too! An old tablecloth, rope and a couple of simple knots and we were in business. It hung from the top of our swing set and my son read and relaxed in it for quite a bit of the afternoon.

It’s nice to be home more. It’s nice to have time to say yes to my children’s requests. I love summer. Now I just need to figure out how to incorporate this lifestyle into our school year when September arrives. But, until then I’ll just sit here and enjoy our new hammock.


  1. You can build a rocket if you have an old film canister. Baking soda plus vinegar, take it outside, put the cap on and step back!

  2. I think you set a wonderful example by being resourceful. It can be a bit too easy to cop out sometimes and say "lets wait for daddy" but how good does it feel that you can achieve? Every bit as good as your children feel I'm guessing. Well done girl.