Monday, July 5, 2010

Adventures and Bedtimes

Our weekend ended up having no rhythm at all and it was quite wonderful and relaxing. The kids visited with a very special auntie they love to pieces. Throughout our house I could hear their little voices calling her name the whole weekend.

One night our wonderful friends invited us over for a hotdog and marshmallow cookout. They are moving soon so all time spent with them seems very precious. The kids played in the yard and hula hooped well past bedtime. The next day we headed out to a restaurant for lunch and when we got back most of us had a great nap in the afternoon.

Even if the weekend is a little busier than usual, the one thing we always keep consistent is bedtime. Everyone has a bath (although these are fewer in the summer), a snack and picks one book to read with me or Daddy. Recently I’ve been putting a calming mixture of essential oils in the bath and on their temples before bed. The oil is called Balance and consists of almond, lavender, sandalwood, rose and geranium oils. They love the smell and I believe it’s quiet calming before bed.

We’ve also started lighting beeswax candles in their rooms while we read their stories, blowing them out before we leave the room. The kids have started to look forward to this little ritual making sure I have the matches before we head upstairs for bed. It is said that pure cappings beeswax candles omit negative ions that can eliminate some allergens and airborne pollutants. Lighting a candle before bed can also provide better, calmer sleep. My kids all sleepwalk and I think they’ve had calmer sleeps since we’ve started lighting their candles.

Either way, it is a nice way to end our day and provide a little bedtime routine. Even when our weekend is out of the ordinary we still have an ordinary ending to our day.


  1. Ah, I agree - the bedtime routine is so important! Even in the summer! Sounds like you had a very lovely weekend.

  2. Cookouts won't be the same without you. I'm going to try some of your bedtime tips, you know we can use the help!