Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Lots of Letters

Everyday when I stop to get the mail the first thing I hear when I open the box is, “Anything for me today?” My children love getting mail. There is something so special about getting a letter with their names on it. When they get a birthday card, thank-you note or post card it truly does make their day.

They recently received stationary as a gift from a close friend. It consisted of little note cards with their names across the top, each design chosen so thoughtfully. The kids were very excited to start writing letters to family and friends. So, today we decided to have a letter writing party. It was another cold, grey morning perfect for an inside project. We got out all the stationary, pens and stamps and they went to work.

My oldest daughter spent a lot of time filling each card with different coloured hearts. My son wrote that he missed each person and was hoping to see them soon. My youngest daughter put a few scribbles on each of her cards and crammed them halfway into the envelopes. They sent letters to a cousin who lives across the country, to both of my grandmothers and, not to be left out, my son addressed a letter to himself. They were very excited to learn how to address each envelope and where to put the stamp. We then walked to the mailbox and mailed the letters to our loved ones.

When we got home they continued to send each other notes through a wooden, toy mailbox we own. Every time the flag went up they knew someone had left a letter. I even got them to come and eat by putting my own note in the box with an invitation to “my house” for lunch.

That is how we have spent this last rainy day. It cleared up this afternoon and we headed out to weed and water the school garden. Well, to be honest, I was the only one weeding the garden. I think the cold winters make my children a little shy of any kind of insect.

Looking forward to a little sun tomorrow so we can spend most of the day outside.

A sad girl who doesn't like the ants in the garden.


  1. My parents live in town and they often send cards through the mail so the boys get something. Very exciting for them. Mark collects stamps too, so he is extra thrilled if there is a letter.

    I should send my boys to you. They LOVE killing ants. They would be thrilled to save her from a garden of ants.

  2. I got Elia a stationary kit from Scholastics. She loves to write notes and put them in envelopes. We didn't address them or put them in the mailbox but that is a great idea and something she would love to do.

  3. Our children also love to play "mail". We found that the local printing shop gives away all of their leftover paper and this is wonderful for this.
    You have a beautiful blog.
    Warm wishes, Tonya