Monday, July 26, 2010

Fevers and Popsicles

We are back from our lovely vacation and the girls are sick. For the last few days we have been dealing with runny noses, fevers, aches and coughs. It's nothing serious but they don't have much energy so that keeps us all inside the house.

I've been meaning to write about our healing basket for a while and this week seems like the perfect time. It's a basket of comfort for our family. There are lots of examples of them in the different blogs I read. Ours contains things like bandages, tea tree oil, calendula cream, some common homeopathic remedies, Bach Rescue Remedy and a fuzzy hot/cold turtle. It also contains the recipe for a fever spray (from SouleMama). The spray can be used for fever or simply to make the child feel better. To make it take 2 cups of water and one drop each of rose, lavender and chamomile essential oil. Once it is put in a bottle it can be sprayed on the body of a child who needs a little comfort. I have also bought pre-made sprays from Rocky Mountain soap company and they smell amazing.

We spend a lot of time reading and cuddling when someone is sick. Nice warm baths with essential oils like lavender help make the kids feel better. We also let whoever is feeling under the weather sleep with our fuzzy turtle. The turtle's gel pack can be made cold for sore knees and hot for sore tummies. Mostly they just like to sleep with it for comfort.

A little extra attention and tlc goes a long way in our house. So do the special popsicles we make. I brew some tea, either chamomile or echinacea but there are lots of herbal teas you can use. Once the tea is fairly cool I fill the popsicle makers half with tea and half with juice. Once they are frozen they are a terrific treat for a sick child and they also soothe sore throats. Today we made apple ginger popsicles.

The kids have filled their day face painting each other, playing in the cool basement and sitting in my bed resting. I can tell by the way they are starting to run around the house that they will be feeling better soon. If you could see the dance party going on while I type this post, I think you'd agree.


  1. I love that idea. Especially the fuzzy turtle, i think i am going to have to put one of these baskets together. I hope they feel better soon!

  2. What a great idea. Having been stuck at home with two sick kids for the past week - both with high temps...I think I will try the spray!