Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fairies and Magic

I've been thinking of getting my blog up and running again but for now I thought I would repost one of my favourites.

In our backyard we have a fairy garden. The fairies have come to visit a few times leaving leaves and flowers pinned on the clothesline and fairy dust on the porch. This morning this is what they left.

The kids were very excited to find the fairy ring and I caught my son standing in it, just in case there was a chance he could be swept away to fairyland.

Our fairy garden took an afternoon to build and has provided fun and mystery for all my children since. The inspiration to create it came from the Magic Onions blog. We started by going to the garden centre and picking out all the materials. We bought a beautiful wooden bucket, a miniature tree, a birdhouse and pots of herbs to give the fairies room to hide. We planted moss all over the ground and made a rocky path to the house. Beneath the mint bush is a pond to swim in and under the tree is a clothesline for drying fairy clothing. All afternoon we worked together making tiny bicycles, beds, wagons, chairs and tables.

I love that my children believe in fairies. In fact my 6 year old son came home from school soon after we built the garden and said, “Mom, you’ll never believe this. At school today, I said if you believe in fairies put up your hand and guess what? Not many hands went up at all.” His surprise that the other children didn’t believe in fairies was my favourite part of his statement. His excitement when he checked the garden the next morning showed me he was willing to stand by his opinion even when a roomful of children said otherwise.

Now, I don’t go around during the day telling my children an abundance of mistruths. I simply say, “fairies only exist if you believe they do”. My son is a young six year old who still believes in magical things. He suspects his toys come alive and dance around the room at night. My daughter is absolutely sure Cinderella lives at Disneyland. The magic of childhood is short. We have our whole lives to know that Daddy ate all of those cookies left for Santa and Mommy put the two dollars under your pillow. My husband and I are content to let our children believe just a little longer.

So, for now, I’ll enjoy the way they run down the stairs every morning and ask if they can go outside to check our fairy garden. Doesn’t everyone need a little magic now and then?


  1. Oh, I love this SO MUCH. I love the fairy garden, and I want one myself. I believed in elves when I was a kid. I kind of wish my kids believed in fairies and elves, but maybe they would like making a fairy garden anyway. This is such a good post! The magic of childhood is so short, you're absolutely right.

  2. i love this post Valerie. That is so precious of Thomas. You seriously have some amazingly talented kids. I loved the fairy bikes so so cute

  3. How beautiful!!!
    How children adore these whimsical creations..
    :) Christina

  4. Oh my... this is totally gorgeous!!! I LOVE that swing and the basil scented blankets drying on the washing line... too sweet for words. I'm linking to this tomorrow. Thanks SO much for sharing.
    Blessings and magic,

  5. I love this! Very sweet! The clothesline might be my favorite part. :)

  6. This is gorgeous. I am so inspired!!!