Thursday, July 29, 2010

Cleaning Up

Today I spent some time cleaning our house. Well, cleaning in between making lunch, supervising crafts and building volcanoes. Our house has been in a bit of disarray since we got home from vacation. I’ve been enjoying the warm summer weather and not worrying too much about crumbs piling up under my two year old’s chair. My children have been running through the main floor with sand on their bare feet and grass on their flip flops. It was definitely time to do a little cleaning up.

I thought it might be fun to incorporate the kids into my plans. Usually I frantically try to clean the house while keeping them occupied with other activities. This morning I decided to take my time and include them, even if it took the whole day. (Which it did.)

After breakfast we started with the vacuuming. About 15 minutes later only me and my two year old were left. As you can see she stopped for an impromptu game of “Sorry!”

After lunch I was about halfway through the items on my list when my children wandered back and asked to clean the bathrooms with me. Enthusiastically, I said, “Yes!” We cleaned all together and had a great time. They told stories, asked questions and kept me entertained with some cute songs. The mirrors are streaky and the counters have spots but I’ve never had so much fun cleaning a bathroom.

This evening our whole house smells like lavender and lemon with the faint scent of vinegar. I have been buying natural cleaning products for quite a while now. I buy from a company called Small Planet. Their products clean very well and smell amazing. I especially like the Germs Be Gone all purpose cleaner. For my floors I was still using a name brand floor cleaner but today I wanted to try a natural product. On the internet I found many different recipes for natural wood floor cleaners. I decided to take a bit of information from each and create my own. It was so simple. I put 1/3 cup vinegar into one litre of water and added 6 drops of lavender essential oil. The whole thing went into a spray bottle and I sprayed the floors as I went throughout the house mopping. I enjoyed my clean floors right up until dinner when I served my two year old spaghetti.

Slowing down has given us more time to hang out together. I love having full days at home when anything is possible. I love hearing my six year old sing, “Mama Mia” while I wipe the sink.


  1. I love the joy that children bring to such usually mundane tasks:) great site, love and light to you and yours:)

  2. I always tried(!!!) to get my children to help with the cleaning and it usually worked, if I slowed down, well done you. cheers Marie

  3. I think it's important to get kids to help with the cleaning. It's an important life skill!