Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Our family is choosing to slow down and simplify. Our lives weren’t extremely over scheduled or extravagant but slowly we were getting busy. Lately, dinners seemed frantic and bedtimes were rushed. We still made time to play in the backyard and create in the craft room but I wanted to do that more. That required simplifying. Trips to the park rather than the amusement park. Time spent skipping rocks, picnicking, painting, reading, writing and exploring. Time spent walking by the river, camera in hand, picking wildflowers. We simply wanted to do that more.

What followed was less trips to the mall, less time in front of the tv, less stuff in our house and more time for everything else. We choose to be busy and now we are choosing not to be busy. With our extra time we have visited an art centre, made a fairy garden, studied bees and built a mud pie bakery. And this is only the beginning.

Mommy’s Muse is a tale of our simple summer and the old fashioned fun we’ll have along the way. My children are always my inspiration but many of our project ideas come from the blogs and books of exceptionally creative people. Eventually I would love to post some of my own original projects.

Join us on our adventure of mud squishing, rock collecting, bird watching fun. We hope to inspire you.


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  1. Fantastic! Very excited to see your new blog. Looks great!