Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Simply Summer

I have to admit, this morning when I woke up to the first day of our “simple summer vacation” the task seemed a little daunting. Just us and our imaginations? After a busy school year how long would the kids be happy hanging out in the backyard with Mom? We sat down to eat breakfast together and I had my answer. My children chatted excitedly about the things they wanted to do that day and it made me smile behind my cup of coffee. Things were going to be just fine. Our first day of summer would consist of a bike ride around the block, playing in our mud pie bakery and hosting a snow cone stand for the neighborhood kids.

After our bike ride (and some spur of the moment chalk drawing on the driveway) we headed to our mud pie bakery in the backyard. The bakery itself is very simple and consists of two old wooden shelves from the garage, a crate, some baking sheets, muffin pans and a few wooden spoons. We “built” it on Saturday and it has provided hours of messy fun since. The kids have served us Father’s Day cakes, sleeping potion muffins and pans of bread decorated with flowers. Today we added a big bucket of soil to use along with the sand from the sandbox. This lovely summer activity came from one of my favourite websites.

I would call our first day of summer an amazing success! Tomorrow we are going to try felting with some beautiful wool I got at the farmer’s market. I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. A mudpie kitchen is a great idea. My boys love playing in the mud, so this would be a nice natural extension of that.