Monday, June 28, 2010

Our Craft Room

My three children and I have always spent a lot of time in our craft room. They like to roll out of bed, wipe their sleepy eyes and make their way downstairs to the little white table and chairs. After their crafting sessions I’ve found four buttons glued to a piece of purple paper, feathers stuck together with clothespins and egg cartons turned into caterpillars. All of it self-motivated, all of it beautiful art.

Our craft room has an open shelf lined with baskets for supplies. They are simple supplies like wool, pipe cleaners, buttons, felt, beads and popsicle sticks. In the corner there is a wire basket full of different sized canvases and three little easels. An assortment of acrylic and water colour paints, brushes, water jars and thick pads of paper are kept on a bookshelf beside the basket. Nothing inspires my children to paint more than proper, “adult” supplies. Even my two year old, can squeeze acrylic paint tubes onto a palette and grab a canvas out of the basket.

Since we have decided to enjoy a simple summer our craft room has been buzzing with activity. This morning the kids worked on vision boards. I’ve always liked the idea of putting hopes, dreams and aspirations in visual form. Today I explained the concept of a vision board, gave them an old pile of magazines and watched them start cutting and gluing. They choose pictures of flowers, kittens, puppies and hippos. They choose pictures of Taylor Swift in a gown and characters from Toy Story 3. My son placed a card from Restoration Hardware on his vision board because it said, “Psssssst.” All of the items were carefully chosen and thoughtfully placed on the paper.

This idea has been in my head for a while because I was very interested in what the kids would pick from the pile of magazines. What would grab their attention? What would be interesting enough to be cut out by tiny hands and fingers? In the end I was intrigued by their choices and explanations. A hippo because it is from nature. Pink flowers because they love pink. Taylor Swift because she writes her own songs.

Simple, perfect explanations. Now what to put on my vision board?


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  1. Hey, that's a good idea. I'm going to try that.