Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Getting our groove...

This is what we ended up with after our projects yesterday.

Fluffy felt and flat cookies.

The morning started with us around the breakfast table discussing our projects for the day. After a spontaneous conga line around the kitchen it was decided that we would try felting.

Felting is the process of making wool into felt. We used a simple kid friendly guide to help us with our first project. It involved hot soapy water, ziplocs and lots of coloured wool. The kids had a great time making flowers, rainbows, grass and clouds. Looking back, the process of mashing the wool should have gone on a bit longer because after our projects dried they retained a bit too much fullness. The clouds looked like actual clouds and some of the flower petals fell right off the background. This was followed with lots of giggles, laughter and exclamations of "Mommy's fell apart!". My project was used to test out all the steps so it didn't quite make it to the final stage but ended up as fluffy, wet, wool. I would love to do this project again and we may even try a bit of needle felting with cookie cutters (once we retrieve them out of our mud pie kitchen).

After felting I thought we deserved a treat so we made a batch of cookies. My son took over the cookie baking and it went quite well until the end. That's when I decided to add a touch more buttermilk to the dry looking mixture. As the cookies in the oven spread out over the entire pan looking as flat as pancakes I realized my mistake. We stood by the oven eating the cookie pieces and my son exclaimed, "these look terrible but they taste great!" Baking has never been a passion of mine but I decided to try it out this summer. Usually I rely on a good friend for freshly baked banana bread and my mother in law for home baked cupcakes. This summer our quiet mornings seem to be an invitation for freshly baked muffins and granola so I hope to learn from my mistakes.

Looking back on my childhood it's rarely the perfect days I remember. It's the unusual, funny, nothing-went-right kind of days that stick in my mind. We might not have made fantastic felt or fabulous cookies but I'm pretty sure we created some great memories.



  1. I have a really good granola recipe I can give you. Super easy too. I think the felting is a great idea!

  2. I am so looking forward to 'lifting' ideas to use in my own home. Keep them coming. Your buddy BV!!